Dunkin’ Adds Uber Eats to Its Delivery Roster

Dunkin’ Brands (NASDAQ:DNKN) issued a press release this morning describing its newly forged alliance with Uber Eats (NYSE:UBER), providing customers with an additional option alongside its existing Grubhub (NYSE:GRUB) delivery partnership. The coffee, baked goods, and ice cream chain says the service is available right now at 1,700 locations, with the rollout continuing through the month of May.

Responding to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic shutdown of dine-in operations across America, Dunkin’ already launched promotions to highlight the availability of its food and beverages via Grubhub. Back in April, the company offered free deliveries at thousands of locations for two weeks while expanding the number of restaurants served by Grubhub to 4,000. 

A Dunkin' outlet with an "America Runs on Dunkin'" sign.

Image source: Dunkin’ Brands.

The fresh partnership with Uber Eats will also provide service at approximately 4,000 Dunkin’ locations by the end of May. Uber Eats currently delivers from 1,700 Dunkin’ restaurants in eight states: Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, and California. Customers can order on the Dunkin’ app, and food is left at the door to meet contactless delivery standards.

Brandy Blackwell, a Dunkin’ director whose responsibilities include catering and delivery, said, “We understand that many of our guests are missing their daily Dunkin’ routine, and we want them to know we’ve got their backs.”

Uber, which recently began experimenting with two Uber Eats spinoffs to deliver over-the-counter medications and parcels being sent between family members, also spoke positively about the possibilities of the new alliance. The partnership came even as Uber Eats announced that it will stop delivering in seven other countries by June 4, ranging from Czechia to Uruguay, as part of a strategic reordering.

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